Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where the Wild Things Dance ....

Once upon a time Nana Bubz started to sew....

 ... and sew....

 .... and sew....

... and in and out of days and nights ....

... and through the weeks.....

... until she came to a place with the gingies played ....

... and they rolled their funny eyes....

.... and wiggled their jiggly buttons....

... they danced in circles ....

... and danced in lines....

... and laughed and giggled ....

... until Nana Bubz wanted to share the fun ... so she shoved them in envelopes.....

.... and now they are going in and out of postboxes and over the seas and into other people's homes.....

..... where I hope they will bring smiles, and laughs and a bit of dancing.....

Thanks to Elsie Marley for the free pattern and tutorial... found HERE

I just love them and have been wanting to make some for ages

they just appeal to my warped sense of humour

Thanks to Narelle for hosting 1 Christmas Item a month 

Apologies to Maurice Sendak who wrote the original and much loved by me, my children and my grandchildren - Where the Wild Things Are

Righto... Gotto Go.... some wild things to do???? .....

PS... thank you for so many comments regarding my stupid effort at removing the oven door... my hands are healing so well ... I am sort of back to normal activities

... but I really still can't do dirty dishes..

.. I think that may be a long term effect...

..  such a shame.....


  1. Your gingies are so darned cute! Love em!

  2. sooo cute! I love the bite marks out of their heads ;-) happy to hear you are on the mend too - I would hold off doing dirty dishes for a while longer too - just to be safe ;-)

  3. Those are so fun, love them.
    I am the queen of doing dumb things and always hurting myself. My doc always says I should sit and not move,lol.


  4. Thanks fro the smile this morning Fiona. Love those Gingies. That;s a real shame you still can't do those dirty dishes. :) lol. Hugs,

  5. Your gingerbread men are just gorgeous Fiona.

  6. Your little gingerbread men are adorable , what a cute pattern that is .I think my granddaughters might get a kick out of those . Too bad about the dishes ;-)
    hugs Sheila

  7. Glad you are healing - and yes it is such a shame about the dirty dishes - it took me a while to work out why they were missing part of their leg - maybe I am still asleep...

  8. PS my girls enjoyed "Where the Wild Things are" too.

  9. Cute ginger men and all those little bites were calorie free!

    Dirty dishes are dangerous to injured hands and must be avoided.

    enjoy all the wild things in your creative space.

  10. Very cute gingies....are you responsible for their missing bits????

  11. They are cute wild gingies! No, in your place I wouldn't be doing dishes either.

  12. From all the little peeks we got they looked like they would be cute, but not that darn cute. They are gorgeous.
    Definitely a lasting effect of hurt hands is nooooo washing up. For simply ages !!!!

  13. you are a very cleaver Nanna Bubz....take care

  14. Poor little gingerbread men.......I'm sure they will bring lots of Christmas cheer with them. I am an expert in wine bottle first aid!

  15. they are gorgeous gingies!
    I have seen them on another blog and they tickled my funny bone.
    Reminds me of the gingerbread man in Shrek- 'not the gum drop buttons....'
    No dirty dishes hey? I think I might check out my oven and see if it has an Elvis attachment..

  16. Ooops! Looks like someone has already sampled your gingies :)
    They're so adorable!

  17. Delightful ginger breads! Lovely idea for gifts and fun, too.
    Yes, those hands need to really heal properly before dishes can be done. Maybe the New Year?

  18. Oh, Fiona, these are so cute, I always eat the legs first, lol.
    I think washing up duty is off limits until at least the end of the first week of the New Year

  19. I would have become very attached to those cute little fellows. As long as they have gone to good homes.

  20. Your gingies are so cute, we always loved the Wild Things story too. I agree, such a shame about the dishes, Wendy xx

  21. The gingerbread men are very cute! I would think that you wouldn't be able to vacuum or make the bed either with that terrible injury to your hands... :)

  22. You are sooo funny, love the bites out of the gingerbread men! Have saved the pattern for next year. Hugs

  23. cute cookies... that's my kind of baking :)
    And as for the dishes and that dishwater I think at least no dishes until the new year.... sew that you are all healed up ;)
    have a great weekend
    in stitches

  24. Great post Nana Bubz Rugz ! Glad to hear your hands are healing well although I do agree that it will take awhile to be able to do those dishes! Meanwhile just do a little mouth to mouth at dinner time!

  25. They are so very cute your gingies

  26. Oh my they are so darn cute...and they certainly sound like they had a whole lot of fun at their goodbye party...
    Oh the dirty dishes injury definitely sounds to me like it will take a long time to you do stitching therapy for a good few months before you even attempt that activity again...

  27. i am back after a few days away Fiona and catching up on blogs now.
    These characters put a smile on my face,they sure are cute and so glad your hand is healing ,yep i dont think you will be able to do dishes until after xmas,take care.xx

  28. Oh Fiona they are delightful! I really, really think I might have to make some!! Though I am thinking it will have to be for Christmas 2013!!

  29. I made some gingies today...real edible ones!..but I love yours..they are so cute!..and not sticky.
    I rather like the wine first aid too!.. will try it on the next bottle!

  30. lol you have put a smile on my face. Love your story of the gingies and keep those hands out of the dish water! lol

  31. Love, love, love those gingies, SO cute!! I think it's time I took a CPR refresher course....... might do some practice tonight .......

  32. Aha! You are the 'baker' of these well-travelled gingerbread men - I have spotted them all over blogland lately :)

  33. Just the cutest gingerbread men EVER.

  34. Lovely giggle :) I love those munched gingies, I have been trying to get around to making one for my brother for forever :) I am sure yours are running as much amok at their new residences too, lol


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