Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keeping busy ....

Mr Postie came by and brought something all the way from Rochechouart, France..... 
....look I have proof...

Linda from Living the Dream sent these and I am thrilled to own a lovely mug rug made by her.... it came with the thimble, some pretty spider mums fabric and a pack of Paris paper napkins - I guess they are 'serviettes' over there.....
Rochechouart looks such an amazing place ... you can see a picture of the castle depicted on the thimble HERE 

So of course I had to sit down, have some tea, an apricot slice and do some stitching ...

Thanks Linda.... I just love them .....

That slice is a new found easy peasy favourite in our house....


A packet of plain cake mix
125g butter, melted
1 cup dessicated coconut

Mix these ingredients together and spread onto a slice tray lined with baking paper

Bake at 180C for 20 minutes and remove from oven

1 large tin pie apples OR apricots OR peaches and you can add nuts if you like
Sprinkle these over the cooked base

Mix together
1 x 300ml tub of sour cream
2 eggs
 and pour this over the apples

Bake at 160C for 30 minutes so the cream is set

Cool on a wire rack and then refrigerate before cutting into slices....

There should be a warning with these.... they are very yummy ..... and too many cause indigestion (I can vouch for that!!)

I made up bias binding for my curved apple core baby quilts with help from a tutorial found HERE  at Make It Modern - clear instructions - and pictures (which are essential for me!) 

Somehow I ended up with not so straight edges in spite of very careful measuring..... this is what my end piece was like.... so that was trimmed off and I ended up with LOADS of binding.....

the apple cores are quilted and binding is on... just waiting to be sewn down..... actually there is a bit of a queue of binding waiting to be sewn down..... sigh... lucky it's cold and I want to sit inside with a quilt over me and stitch whilst listening to a book

.... wait for it.....

I'm listening to The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
- very amusing -

Righto, Gotto Go... I think I need a slice of slice to get some energy for all that binding.....


  1. Fiona you make the yummiest of things,OMG that is a lot of binding projects waiting to be sewn,you have been very busy my friend,keep warm.xx

  2. I may have tried that slice somewhere, made with apple - not made by me - but apricot sounds yummo, I love apricots!

  3. The slice makes me want to sniff my screen to smell its yumminess! LOL. And the package from France is just darling, enjoy...

  4. I think it is a very good thing you're is cold and having a quilt over you to bind is a good thing , you sure have a lot of bindings to complete but with some yummy slice I know you will have plenty of energy to get it done .;-) Lucky you receiving such a lovely package in the mail. Hugs Sheila

  5. I could add several items to your binding queue (since you're already sitting...:D ). The curved binding on your apple core quilt looks great!

    I must try your slice recipe. One thing though, I'm not quite sure what a slice pan is. ? Maybe my 9 inch by 13 inch baking pan would do.

    Great gifts from Linda!

  6. Lovely presents from Linda - and you definitely need a long sit down for all that binding!

  7. Lovely package. Oh i love that slice. Haven't made one in ages. Good luck with the binding. Hugs,

  8. Well it's the weather for sitting and sewing isn't it. Gee it's turned cold this afternoon.
    Love that slice too... and I can almost smell it... yum!
    You've been a busy little girl so not completely frozen through. :)

  9. OMG did you have to show my quilting SOOO close tee hee. You are really doing well with the binding, can you send me some cake to go with my tea!!! Hugs xxx

  10. Beautiful gifts sent to you by Linda.
    The binding looks great.

  11. Great stitching and some wonderful gifts too.

  12. This is such a yummy slice!
    Enjoy your lovely package from Linda. That's so special!

  13. Easy peasy lemon squeezie my 6 yr old says, must give that a try out! Enjoy your binding.

  14. Easy peasy lemon squeezie my 6 yr old says, must give that a try out! Enjoy your binding.

  15. yummm have noted this recipe!! Lovely gifts received from France too....lucky girl!!

  16. I have one of those thimbles too. I wish I could collect them from all over the world!

  17. Yummmmmm just made this recipe and it is wonderfull


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